For any of you who have an older Powerbook G4 or an Ibook G4 take heed to my advice… be careful with your power adapter. I have been out of commission with my laptop for a few days because while I was working I began to smell what seemed like something burning only to figure out that my power adapter was smoking and almost caught on fire. Had I been sleeping or not at home at the time, things could have been exponentially worse. So I go online to apple to find in the reviews of this power adapter say similar things… so just be careful leaving your laptop plugged in for fear of it incinerating your prize possessions.


Earth Day +1

April 23, 2008

Earth day has passed so now that 2/3’s of the people who were green on earth day are back to polluting the earth at record levels let’s have a little refresh shall we? I figured designers are up there in the top 10 of wasteful jobs (ink, paper, power etc.) so to inspire all of you i’ve posted this link about 109 ways to design greener. Enjoy.

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Around the World

April 20, 2008

Hope everyone’s weekend was good…

I was stumbling around the CMYK design pool and came across a magazine from Tel Aviv, Israel.

A5 magazine seems to be aggressive in nature pushing it’s images no matter what the context into light.
Gain some insight… some world culture… reminds me of alphabet city late on a friday.

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a5 creative

Amp Up Your Style

April 18, 2008

We all read GQ, none of us admit that we want to or try to look that good but everyone needs some style advice. Listen to GQ, not only are the style tips great but the Photography and some of the designer’s sites and graphic conception are out of this world.

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It always helps to take tips from the best. Angela Ferraro-Fanning was the guest writer on the all graphic design blog and she wrote a wonderful blog about her creative process for branding a company. It’s also available on her company’s personal blog.

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Photo Op

April 16, 2008

My photographer friend Zak is doing some great work. Get to his website, observe all of the photos, then decide which book you want to buy. You will not be disappointed.

Disappear Here

Spurr’s Looking good…

April 14, 2008

I love when high fashion meets high design. Check out Spurr, men’s clothing. Go into the products and download the spring 08 look book pdf at the bottom. awesome. clean classy clothes, and the design fits the clothing style prefectly.

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After a little research I found out who designed the site. 

noam design

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Starting from Scratch

April 14, 2008

Having graduated in May of last year I began my job search and started working part time for a great 2.0 media firm known as BlackOut Design. Great place, solid work.

Visit BlackOut Design.








After working for them for a couple of months I got a call back from a marketing firm who was in need of a designer. I began working for the marketing company part time as well. After a few months of part time at two places I was offered a full time position with the marketing company who now has since sold the publication I worked for and hence rendered me jobless. So I begin again. Fresh start, with a little more experience. I’ll keep you posted on where I’m at. I’ve begun updating my AIGA profile and redesigning my web site and portfolio before I start applying for jobs. Check back in later…