Hey, Adobe… take it easy.

September 23, 2008

Adobe announces CS4

Adobe announces CS

Adobe® today officially announced its CS4® suite sending all the software everyone never bought down the brisk road to the realm of obsolete programs. It seems as though once again Adobe has focused on slimming and simplifying work flows between program. A few notable tools that actually seem useful are the live preflight feature and a new content aware scaling tool.

Apply the revolutionary new Content-Aware Scaling to automatically recompose an image as you resize it, smartly preserving vital areas of the image as it adapts to new dimensions.

There seems to be some overall view changes in many of the programs with an enhanced Live View in Dreamweaver® and interactive PDF previews for Fireworks® Useful? Useless? I’ll let you be the judge and jury for this one. I am completely unconvinced. With a steeper price tag then the last with a $899 upgrade price tag and a whopping $2499 for the complete master collection I would venture to say Adobe is trying to make more money on an already great system with a few minor changes.

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Classically Trained

September 3, 2008

I have been posting alot about design but I note at the tope that it also entails music, fashion and photography… which I have been ignoring more than an annoying child in a restaurant. Along with taking many design courses in college I also have a photography minor, so I shoot lots of photography as a little hidden side project of mine. As of late I’ve been dying to get a classic point and shoot 35mm camera and I hit the jackpot the other day rummaging around my basement, a Yashica Electro GSN 35. Looking around on the net and researching what the camera is capable of has gotten me really excited and I’ve been shooting with it lately at parties, group functions and those sorts of environments just trying to capture people with it. As soon as I get the rolls back I’ll be posting some of the images here.

The image above is linked to the Yashica site at Lomography.com. This website is very interesting and fits the style of the camera and another day I’m going to review lomography.com by itself. But for now let us agree that it is an awesome website.