I have been shopping around at different sites attempting to build my repertoire of film cameras. I finally retro fitted a battery set-up to get my ELECTRO working. The DIANA+ and the HOLGA seemed to be good inexpensive options and I also looked into a LOMO LC-A. Props to lomography.com for the great micro sites. Then I stumbled across a great design and a great (but unfortunately overpriced) idea. Limited Edition custom White Stripes camera packs. Custom filters, colors, packages, and a mean branding and marketing strategy with a unique web site rounds out a killer package. The only problem I can see is the price tag. Ringing the register at $180 for an interesting set with accessories for each camera included the cost is much greater than the regular cost for the holga color flash w/ fisheye or a diana+ with a ringflash. So you really are paying for the packaging and the total kit with the specialty white stripes incentives. Kudos to ROB JONES for the packaging design.


Every five seconds in the US approximately 60,000 plastic bags are used. That’s almost 19 trillion bags every year. Only around 3% of those get recycled. I’ve been using grocery totes for a long time now because I shop very frequently in small amounts. Unfortunately the store bought bags I have are small, ugly, and uncomfortable to carry. Then I found ENVIROSAX. Great company, great brand, nice website and amazing product. All of the patterns are very unique and they release their bags in different style themed series of five. You can purchase a whole series or individual bags. Looks like they are limited runs only so good luck finding them at other stores. Lots of online availability though.