Standout Series v:4our

December 15, 2008

I came to a realization today that I temporarily halted the Standout Series for no reason whatsoever. So in the interest of all things web design (I’ve been attempting to redesign my own site which should be finished soon) I came across Digitalmash design, the work of Rob Morris. A seven year expert in the world of web design his 3rd version of his web site was so good and clean that it was copied and hacked only a week after it was put up. His blog readers successfully bombarded the designer of the other site with emails and it has since been removed. Clean and concise design, functionality, and usability are all relevant in every design. His print work is also spectacular. Sharp and crisp colors and a great variety all round out his portfolio. Check out the case study for GLEAN to gain some insight into Rob’s brain. And Happy Holidays to all. May this time of year bring all of us fun design gifts and more work!


I have been shopping around at different sites attempting to build my repertoire of film cameras. I finally retro fitted a battery set-up to get my ELECTRO working. The DIANA+ and the HOLGA seemed to be good inexpensive options and I also looked into a LOMO LC-A. Props to for the great micro sites. Then I stumbled across a great design and a great (but unfortunately overpriced) idea. Limited Edition custom White Stripes camera packs. Custom filters, colors, packages, and a mean branding and marketing strategy with a unique web site rounds out a killer package. The only problem I can see is the price tag. Ringing the register at $180 for an interesting set with accessories for each camera included the cost is much greater than the regular cost for the holga color flash w/ fisheye or a diana+ with a ringflash. So you really are paying for the packaging and the total kit with the specialty white stripes incentives. Kudos to ROB JONES for the packaging design.

Every five seconds in the US approximately 60,000 plastic bags are used. That’s almost 19 trillion bags every year. Only around 3% of those get recycled. I’ve been using grocery totes for a long time now because I shop very frequently in small amounts. Unfortunately the store bought bags I have are small, ugly, and uncomfortable to carry. Then I found ENVIROSAX. Great company, great brand, nice website and amazing product. All of the patterns are very unique and they release their bags in different style themed series of five. You can purchase a whole series or individual bags. Looks like they are limited runs only so good luck finding them at other stores. Lots of online availability though.

I’ve been noticing lately (as if it wasn’t being slammed in everyone’s face) this association of Barack Obama with the word socialism. If you are unsure about what exactly socialism is take a trip over to THE CONCISE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ECONOMICS. They have a complete and thorough account of socialism by Robert Heilbroner a world renown author and socialist that is extremely easy to follow and very informative. I’d also suggest checking out THIS article over at THE NEW YORKER (stupid big city un-American publication) about the topic. People have also been comparing the amazing artwork and campaign materials with early to mid 1900’s political propaganda machines like the communist Russian movement and the Nazi regime in Germany. There is an explanation for this and also a very large difference between the two.

Being a graphic designer I have a strong affinity for posters and large sized visible artwork. Throughout the campaign like minded artists as myself have been producing artwork, posters, and campaign material. Take a look HERE and HERE. What many people do not realize is as artists we search and strive for inspiration. We all study history and we know that powerful images are far more effective than powerful words. Artists often replicate a visual “feel” for a piece to entice a emotional or response by utilizing similar colors, visual effects, and styles. Shepard Fairey of Obey created the original HOPE AND PROGRESS posters. He has long been creating work highly influenced by historical propaganda posters and has since had his style copied by many other artists attempting to establish the same effect. You can watch an interview HERE with Fairey and other artists who assure your their message is positive and has nothing but the best intentions.

Make art and love. Not War.

Underconsideration is a forum and network of four different blogs all based on different specific aspects of design. I gave them a shout in my last post regarding the Pepsi re-branding which I located at BRAND NEW, a blog designated for finding and revealing new re-brands and corporate identity restructuring. Bryony Gomez-Palacio & Armin Vit created underconsideration in 2001 and have included SPEAK UP, a forum for design discussion prodded by stimulating and always interesting openings that stem a broad range of responses (us designers as a whole are intellectually advanced when it comes to making a point, why is that?), QUIPSOLOGIES is a blog entirely dedicated to sharing things that are in my opinion just plain fun. Last but certainly not least THE DESIGN ENCYCLOPEDIA is “A growing, collaborative resource that describes, tracks and explains culture, commerce, politics, media, sports, brands – everything possible, really – through design.” (I could have tried to explain it in my own words but theirs are so exact and eloquent). Start clicking, get lost for hours. I literally was up half the night just looking through all of the cool quipsologies tidbits and I plan on trying the coat hanger book holder.

Standout Series v:3hree

October 2, 2008









Amidst of the housing crisis and the economy going belly up, somehow (international economy) new york keeps developing and branding these incredible real estate/residence ventures. One company describing themselves as a brand creation and marketing firm is pushing the ideals of luxurious and stylish living in modern manhattan by enticing people to become part of an idea, a lifestyle very similar to the likes of the Acura campaign that I have witnessed periodically. A new breed of young success. Pandiscio does it through simplicity, creativity, and with style that is immediately noticeable. Take notice. I would say note the typography but I would be selling this company exponentially short.

:: Check Out Pandiscio Co. ::

Classically Trained

September 3, 2008

I have been posting alot about design but I note at the tope that it also entails music, fashion and photography… which I have been ignoring more than an annoying child in a restaurant. Along with taking many design courses in college I also have a photography minor, so I shoot lots of photography as a little hidden side project of mine. As of late I’ve been dying to get a classic point and shoot 35mm camera and I hit the jackpot the other day rummaging around my basement, a Yashica Electro GSN 35. Looking around on the net and researching what the camera is capable of has gotten me really excited and I’ve been shooting with it lately at parties, group functions and those sorts of environments just trying to capture people with it. As soon as I get the rolls back I’ll be posting some of the images here.

The image above is linked to the Yashica site at This website is very interesting and fits the style of the camera and another day I’m going to review by itself. But for now let us agree that it is an awesome website.

Standout Series v:2wo

August 12, 2008

Welcome back to the standout series again. I came across our next standout browsing around wordpress. BXC Branding Advertising and Design is a California based company that seems like its a fun place to be and to have work done by. They are deeply rooted in the surf community and the down-loadable portfolio is impeccable. The branding is fun yet clean and refined. One thing i noted about the portfolio is it’s size. As soon as I thought I had seen it all there was more, most of it being wonderful work. Their website also has an interestingly fun layout, breaking away from the mold of design companies with lots of busy flashy web presences. They also use the brands they create every effectively. Round of applause to BXC

Un.Titled Magic

May 23, 2008

Once in a blue moon cleanliness sits at the right hand of godliness when it comes to design. I found it recently in the design of a British company know only as Un.titled. The designs are so clean and the ideas and work that are produced are quite magical. The portfolio is also a crisp blend of print, web, tech, photo and identity work. Look around for a while, I know I did.

:: Un.titled ::

Font Me Not

May 20, 2008

Just looking around this weekend in New York wasting time between my sister’s wedding events looking at all the pop and environmental design and I realized that everyone loves the same fonts. I think I spotted futura a realistic 50 or 60 times.

So in the interest of freshness I’m cleaning out my “fridge” and getting into some new stuff. Found a new site, font shop, filled with great ideas. The blog is excellent.