Classically Trained

September 3, 2008

I have been posting alot about design but I note at the tope that it also entails music, fashion and photography… which I have been ignoring more than an annoying child in a restaurant. Along with taking many design courses in college I also have a photography minor, so I shoot lots of photography as a little hidden side project of mine. As of late I’ve been dying to get a classic point and shoot 35mm camera and I hit the jackpot the other day rummaging around my basement, a Yashica Electro GSN 35. Looking around on the net and researching what the camera is capable of has gotten me really excited and I’ve been shooting with it lately at parties, group functions and those sorts of environments just trying to capture people with it. As soon as I get the rolls back I’ll be posting some of the images here.

The image above is linked to the Yashica site at This website is very interesting and fits the style of the camera and another day I’m going to review by itself. But for now let us agree that it is an awesome website.


Standout Series v:2wo

August 12, 2008

Welcome back to the standout series again. I came across our next standout browsing around wordpress. BXC Branding Advertising and Design is a California based company that seems like its a fun place to be and to have work done by. They are deeply rooted in the surf community and the down-loadable portfolio is impeccable. The branding is fun yet clean and refined. One thing i noted about the portfolio is it’s size. As soon as I thought I had seen it all there was more, most of it being wonderful work. Their website also has an interestingly fun layout, breaking away from the mold of design companies with lots of busy flashy web presences. They also use the brands they create every effectively. Round of applause to BXC

Welcome back, or nice to meet you.  I’ve decided to start a new series devoted to the standout pages/designers/fonts/photographers that I see. Something unique… truly unique that grabs my attention and holds it. These days it is rare to stay at a page for more than a few seconds but i spent at least 15 min poking around and admiring the interface. So to kick it off we begin the series with OurType. OurType is not only a great site for font viewing but the site design is fresh, stylistic and most of all… it’s entertaining. Designed by group94 a Belgian based flasah and web developer (who also has an interesting, yet confusing web site), OurType is the brainchild of Fred Smeijers, who has been a belgian type designer for over twenty years. Play around in the try section for a while. You might even buy something. The typefaces are clean, contemporary and interestingly unique. If you have any suggestions for the standout series I’m think about doing it on a weekly basis.

I apologize for not posting anything in a long time but that is what happens when you are learning new things on your own. I spent time collecting information not sharing it. So i’m going to share with you a site that has some great functional downloads. Bittbox is a site dedicated to sharing and finding freebies and content for photoshop and illustrator. I have personally found it to be very helpful with many interesting elements. See what you can grab or if it’s really that great.

Un.Titled Magic

May 23, 2008

Once in a blue moon cleanliness sits at the right hand of godliness when it comes to design. I found it recently in the design of a British company know only as Un.titled. The designs are so clean and the ideas and work that are produced are quite magical. The portfolio is also a crisp blend of print, web, tech, photo and identity work. Look around for a while, I know I did.

:: Un.titled ::

Font Me Not

May 20, 2008

Just looking around this weekend in New York wasting time between my sister’s wedding events looking at all the pop and environmental design and I realized that everyone loves the same fonts. I think I spotted futura a realistic 50 or 60 times.

So in the interest of freshness I’m cleaning out my “fridge” and getting into some new stuff. Found a new site, font shop, filled with great ideas. The blog is excellent.

In Spuh Ray Shun

May 5, 2008

I like checking in on this flickr forum every once in a while to see what other designers are doing. It’s very rich in international members so it has a world view of great designs.

:: CMYK Design Pool ::

For any of you who have an older Powerbook G4 or an Ibook G4 take heed to my advice… be careful with your power adapter. I have been out of commission with my laptop for a few days because while I was working I began to smell what seemed like something burning only to figure out that my power adapter was smoking and almost caught on fire. Had I been sleeping or not at home at the time, things could have been exponentially worse. So I go online to apple to find in the reviews of this power adapter say similar things… so just be careful leaving your laptop plugged in for fear of it incinerating your prize possessions.

Earth Day +1

April 23, 2008

Earth day has passed so now that 2/3’s of the people who were green on earth day are back to polluting the earth at record levels let’s have a little refresh shall we? I figured designers are up there in the top 10 of wasteful jobs (ink, paper, power etc.) so to inspire all of you i’ve posted this link about 109 ways to design greener. Enjoy.

:: Save the Earth ::

Around the World

April 20, 2008

Hope everyone’s weekend was good…

I was stumbling around the CMYK design pool and came across a magazine from Tel Aviv, Israel.

A5 magazine seems to be aggressive in nature pushing it’s images no matter what the context into light.
Gain some insight… some world culture… reminds me of alphabet city late on a friday.

:: Check Out A5 ::
a5 creative