Underconsideration is a forum and network of four different blogs all based on different specific aspects of design. I gave them a shout in my last post regarding the Pepsi re-branding which I located at BRAND NEW, a blog designated for finding and revealing new re-brands and corporate identity restructuring. Bryony Gomez-Palacio & Armin Vit created underconsideration in 2001 and have included SPEAK UP, a forum for design discussion prodded by stimulating and always interesting openings that stem a broad range of responses (us designers as a whole are intellectually advanced when it comes to making a point, why is that?), QUIPSOLOGIES is a blog entirely dedicated to sharing things that are in my opinion just plain fun. Last but certainly not least THE DESIGN ENCYCLOPEDIA is “A growing, collaborative resource that describes, tracks and explains culture, commerce, politics, media, sports, brands – everything possible, really – through design.” (I could have tried to explain it in my own words but theirs are so exact and eloquent). Start clicking, get lost for hours. I literally was up half the night just looking through all of the cool quipsologies tidbits and I plan on trying the coat hanger book holder.


I’ve been poking around with Google Reader to quell the constant nagging of my friend who kept singing its praises in my ear. So, what exactly is Google Reader? It allows you to subscribe and view, online or off-line, rss and atom feeds for news stories and blogs. I started using It and found some great brand identity articles. One stood out amongst the masses and peaked my interest. It seems that in lieu of sales stagnation and decline PEPSI, yes i said pepsi, is spending 1.2 BILLION dollars over the next three years to completely re-brand it’s main beverages Pepsi, Mountain Dew (now apparently it’s only Mtn Dew) and Sierra Mist but looks like Gatorade may be dragged into the mess. This daunting task is being handled by the award winning and highly praised Arnell Group out of NYC which has done similar wonders with other major corp. thanks to the guys over and Brand New and UNDERCONSIDERATION for the scoop. So just to recap Google Reader is amazing, pepsi is keeping true to the “spend money to make money” theme to the tune of 1.2 BILLS, the economy is still quickly becoming a ride at six flags/ busch gardens and it’s getting cold outside… and dark as well.

Arnell Group

Arnell Group

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October 2, 2008









Amidst of the housing crisis and the economy going belly up, somehow (international economy) new york keeps developing and branding these incredible real estate/residence ventures. One company describing themselves as a brand creation and marketing firm is pushing the ideals of luxurious and stylish living in modern manhattan by enticing people to become part of an idea, a lifestyle very similar to the likes of the Acura campaign that I have witnessed periodically. A new breed of young success. Pandiscio does it through simplicity, creativity, and with style that is immediately noticeable. Take notice. I would say note the typography but I would be selling this company exponentially short.

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