Hey, Adobe… take it easy.

September 23, 2008

Adobe announces CS4

Adobe announces CS

Adobe® today officially announced its CS4® suite sending all the software everyone never bought down the brisk road to the realm of obsolete programs. It seems as though once again Adobe has focused on slimming and simplifying work flows between program. A few notable tools that actually seem useful are the live preflight feature and a new content aware scaling tool.

Apply the revolutionary new Content-Aware Scaling to automatically recompose an image as you resize it, smartly preserving vital areas of the image as it adapts to new dimensions.

There seems to be some overall view changes in many of the programs with an enhanced Live View in Dreamweaver® and interactive PDF previews for Fireworks® Useful? Useless? I’ll let you be the judge and jury for this one. I am completely unconvinced. With a steeper price tag then the last with a $899 upgrade price tag and a whopping $2499 for the complete master collection I would venture to say Adobe is trying to make more money on an already great system with a few minor changes.

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Standout Series v:2wo

August 12, 2008

Welcome back to the standout series again. I came across our next standout browsing around wordpress. BXC Branding Advertising and Design is a California based company that seems like its a fun place to be and to have work done by. They are deeply rooted in the surf community and the down-loadable portfolio is impeccable. The branding is fun yet clean and refined. One thing i noted about the portfolio is it’s size. As soon as I thought I had seen it all there was more, most of it being wonderful work. Their website also has an interestingly fun layout, breaking away from the mold of design companies with lots of busy flashy web presences. They also use the brands they create every effectively. Round of applause to BXC


I apologize for not posting anything in a long time but that is what happens when you are learning new things on your own. I spent time collecting information not sharing it. So i’m going to share with you a site that has some great functional downloads. Bittbox is a site dedicated to sharing and finding freebies and content for photoshop and illustrator. I have personally found it to be very helpful with many interesting elements. See what you can grab or if it’s really that great.

Earth Day +1

April 23, 2008

Earth day has passed so now that 2/3’s of the people who were green on earth day are back to polluting the earth at record levels let’s have a little refresh shall we? I figured designers are up there in the top 10 of wasteful jobs (ink, paper, power etc.) so to inspire all of you i’ve posted this link about 109 ways to design greener. Enjoy.

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Amp Up Your Style

April 18, 2008

We all read GQ, none of us admit that we want to or try to look that good but everyone needs some style advice. Listen to GQ, not only are the style tips great but the Photography and some of the designer’s sites and graphic conception are out of this world.

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It always helps to take tips from the best. Angela Ferraro-Fanning was the guest writer on the all graphic design blog and she wrote a wonderful blog about her creative process for branding a company. It’s also available on her company’s personal blog.

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Spurr’s Looking good…

April 14, 2008

I love when high fashion meets high design. Check out Spurr, men’s clothing. Go into the products and download the spring 08 look book pdf at the bottom. awesome. clean classy clothes, and the design fits the clothing style prefectly.

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After a little research I found out who designed the site. 

noam design

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