Every five seconds in the US approximately 60,000 plastic bags are used. That’s almost 19 trillion bags every year. Only around 3% of those get recycled. I’ve been using grocery totes for a long time now because I shop very frequently in small amounts. Unfortunately the store bought bags I have are small, ugly, and uncomfortable to carry. Then I found ENVIROSAX. Great company, great brand, nice website and amazing product. All of the patterns are very unique and they release their bags in different style themed series of five. You can purchase a whole series or individual bags. Looks like they are limited runs only so good luck finding them at other stores. Lots of online availability though.


Earth Day +1

April 23, 2008

Earth day has passed so now that 2/3’s of the people who were green on earth day are back to polluting the earth at record levels let’s have a little refresh shall we? I figured designers are up there in the top 10 of wasteful jobs (ink, paper, power etc.) so to inspire all of you i’ve posted this link about 109 ways to design greener. Enjoy.

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