I’ve been noticing lately (as if it wasn’t being slammed in everyone’s face) this association of Barack Obama with the word socialism. If you are unsure about what exactly socialism is take a trip over to THE CONCISE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ECONOMICS. They have a complete and thorough account of socialism by Robert Heilbroner a world renown author and socialist that is extremely easy to follow and very informative. I’d also suggest checking out THIS article over at THE NEW YORKER (stupid big city un-American publication) about the topic. People have also been comparing the amazing artwork and campaign materials with early to mid 1900’s political propaganda machines like the communist Russian movement and the Nazi regime in Germany. There is an explanation for this and also a very large difference between the two.

Being a graphic designer I have a strong affinity for posters and large sized visible artwork. Throughout the campaign like minded artists as myself have been producing artwork, posters, and campaign material. Take a look HERE and HERE. What many people do not realize is as artists we search and strive for inspiration. We all study history and we know that powerful images are far more effective than powerful words. Artists often replicate a visual “feel” for a piece to entice a emotional or response by utilizing similar colors, visual effects, and styles. Shepard Fairey of Obey created the original HOPE AND PROGRESS posters. He has long been creating work highly influenced by historical propaganda posters and has since had his style copied by many other artists attempting to establish the same effect. You can watch an interview HERE with Fairey and other artists who assure your their message is positive and has nothing but the best intentions.

Make art and love. Not War.